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Introducing new baby…Wynn Avi (Part II)

Welcome to the second post of Introducing New Baby…Wynn Avi.  Having a baby does put one behind on a number ofView full post »

Introducing New Baby…Wynn Avi (Part I)

Today I’m introducing our new baby Wynn…who will most definitely be making many future appearances here onView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day (2015)

Happy Mother’s Day!  It feels like we have been travelling back and forth so much to the West Coast (in fact, we areView full post »

Firetruck Birthday (He’s 2!)

I shared the beginnings of the set-up for my son’s firetruck birthday in my It’s Coming…. post, butView full post »

Happy Thanksgiving!

(photos are all Instagrammed)View full post »

House Tour (Part I)

(Photo by Turner Photography) Happiest of Mondays to you!  I am scurrying to finish up my yearly video in the next fewView full post »

Cherry Blossoms in Frederick, Maryland

It seems nearly sacrilegious to have all these gorgeous, perfectly pink, cloud-like buds outside our front door and notView full post »

6 Moments Not to Miss in Disneyworld (Toddler Edition)

This post was previously published on Huffington Post, here. The bottoms of your feet are blistered–from walking 7View full post »

2 Weeks, 2 Marthas, and Chicago

The past two weeks have been exhausting/electrifying for me.  I travelled to Chicago to celebrate my 34th birthday withView full post »

5 Ways to Get Your Toddler to do Almost Anything

This is a piece I wrote recently for a parenting outlet on how I get my toddler to listen.  Enjoy! xx 1.  Leverage theView full post »

Part Deux: My Paris Wedding (the Ceremony)

Our Wedding in Paris may have been one of the most relaxed wedding days in the history of wedding days.  We woke up andView full post »

It’s Coming….Judah’s 2nd Birthday Party

Between setting up the new house, decorating it, and getting ready for Judah’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday, weView full post »

Playgrounds of Paris

We’ve been back about a week from our two week Paris get-a-away and, despite being back to everyday life, I’View full post »

Part Un: My Paris Wedding (The Wind Up)

Macaroons, Parisian-inspired cards, moules frites, and new luggage–can you tell I’m yearning?  We’reView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day this year!! And because so many of my friends have chosen to have dogs/catsView full post »

Halloween 2013: Tonto Angry

I’m home today (Friday) working from my new home office.  We moved over the weekend into a condo we’ve beenView full post »

Christmas in NYC: the Carol of Patsy’s

It’s been oddly quiet on my Bloglovin’ feed lately with all of my favorite bloggers resting up on holiday (View full post »

Me Hungry

I pieced together for this little video (only 30 seconds) from a day when Judah and I were home together last week,View full post »

Homemade Valentine’s: I Love You Because…

I’m back in Maryland this week after a low-key weekend in NYC to visit the Martha Stewart offices (post coming soonView full post »

Baby Break

The surprise event this week occurred upon opening Judah’s bedroom door one morning and witnessing the little monkeyView full post »

Sunday Review

Sunday Review (Nov. 3)

Even though I compile a video each year to memorialize yearly highlights, including places we travelled, favorite peopleView full post »

2013 Yearly Video

These past two weeks have been intense as I’ve engaged in deep meditative contemplation, setting goals andView full post »

Playgrounds of Paris

We’ve been back about a week from our two week Paris get-a-away and, despite being back to everyday life, I’View full post »

Where do you think you’re going, baby?

This post is intended as a weekly recap post otherwise known as a “I’m too discombobulated to come up with aView full post »

Thanksgiving in the Southwest–2013

I was thrilled to be spending Thanksgiving 2013 with loved ones in a warmer climate: the southwest.  I had to share aView full post »

Daddy Day

I captured this series of shots Sunday morning this past weekend.  Judah loves to administer kisses (when he’s inView full post »

Bow-titily-upmtious Father’s Day

We are three days away from what I hope will the last biggest event that I plan for quite a long time.  Because we&#View full post »

Of Firetrucks and Fakers

Our son Judah is all boy.  His favorite book describes types of tractors and the different sounds they make.  That&#View full post »

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