Homemade Thank You Cards–Twine and Berries

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Moving into a new home always forces me to pare down and organize.  Both rituals I steadfastly avoid and procrastinate doing so long as there is at least one other thing that needs to be done (like, anything else).  But, once I organize, it invariably frees up mental space and brings more lightness to my daily experience.

590A0509 1024x682 Homemade Thank You Cards  Twine and BerriesThis past week I completed a greeting card cleanse, sorting through years and years of cards stored in a basket in the corner of my office.  Between our engagement, marriage, the baby, bris, my husband’s 40th birthday party, holidays, and Judah’s 1st and 2nd birthdays, we must have had thousands and thousands of dollars worth of greeting cards.  I sorted the cards into two piles: one pile with sentimental cards and really stunning or unique cards that I want to save for keepsake books or mood boards.  The other pile was of cards that I’m planning to reuse and recycle in various ways, which I’ll feature on the blog in upcoming months.

It took 3 hours to sort through my basket of cards and, as each hour passed, my resolve to create/make all of the cards I give became stronger and stronger.  during that period, my proclivity for making cards whenever I can was reinforced.  Not because I don’t want to spend money to buy greeting cards (although that’s a huge plus), but homemade cards are just more meaningful.  And, let’s face it, what is America doing with the hoards of the greeting cards being exchanged?  The best case scenario is that they’re being stored in an office or closet nestled along with a million other store-bought cards or, more likely, thrown away.  So, I decided to make thank you cards for my son’s 2 year-old friends that came to his party, and here’s how they turned out.

590A0511Just off my card cleanse, I was dreaming of a card that could be useful/educational (however de minimis), instead of just decorative (these are 2 year-olds, after all).  I’mm adoring the idea of postcards and mini-cards lately–who needs all that excess paper anyway?  So I took off the corners of red and yellow (for the firetruck theme) paper notecards and taped them together with double-sided tape.  I used a glitter sticker with the first letter of each child’s name on the front, and stamped the remainder of the card with the same lowercase letter.

590A0514I wrote a short message on the back (from Judah), tied a piece of twine around it, and hot glued a spring of hypericum (from the party) to each one.  These will be hand-delivered to the cubbies at school and the rest mailed (without the hypericum) in envelopes.  I initially wanted to create these as post-cards, but there wasn’t enough space to hold an address on the back!

590A0517One more trick for kids thank you cards (this would even work from the perspective of your pet or houseplant).  Try starting off the card with a funny exclamatory, such as,  “Wowoza!  Holy Moley!  Jimmy Crickets!  Geez Louis!  or Heeehaww!”  It’s so much more enjoyable writing the dreaded thank you notes if you can find a few ways to have fun with it.  My husband includes lots of slang in his, which was even funnier when Judah was a baby, like “Dude, you rock!” or “You’re secretly my favorite chum, don’t tell Mommy.”  With this technique (and possibly a glass or two of wine), you’ll speed right through your own homemade thank you cards.




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November 26, 2013 - 7:42 pm

Anonymous - Super wonderful, clever, and just so charming!

November 28, 2013 - 4:06 am

Chrystina - I LOVE these. They’re just the right size, super personalized, and have so much color!!

November 29, 2013 - 12:30 pm

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December 10, 2013 - 9:51 pm

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