My Day with Martha Beck

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San Luis Obispo was a long way away from LA, where my husband and I were visiting his family for the weekend from Maryland.    4 hours away, to be exact, not including the dreaded LA traffic.  But, I reluctantly kissed my darling goodbye and set on my way toward Martha Beck for the coaches weekend, thinking how smart I was to buy the audible of her Wild, New World book (which I’d already read but needed a refresher) when I hit 2 extra hours of traffic on my way.  I felt the same dull, inexplicable urge pushing me toward Pismo Beach that weekend as I did 1 year prior when I registered for Martha Beck’s life coach program, not really knowing why I was doing it or what would be on the other side.  As part of the program, students are invited to Pismo Beach for a weekend oceanside retreat to meet one another, the instructors (the program is online), and, of course,  Martha herself.  The reason I look up to Martha Beck as really a master of her own life is that she not only knows what it takes to engage with the world to carry out her purpose and to connect and experience wonder in the everyday, but she’s actually doing it in her personal life everyday (and making money at it).

My day with Martha Beck was, hands down, one of the most enlightening, inspirational, and magic days of my life.  To be fair, though, my experience was also skewed by the fact that I got to meet in-person for the first time someone I’ve grown close to over the last year, my darling buddy in the program, Carolyn.  The most delicious feeling is sitting in the loving energy of a true friend, where you understand each other on the same level at that exact moment in time.  It’s the souls’ recognition of one another–that expands time, and lifetimes, and death, and it was wonderful.

At 9 am, Carolyn and I took our seats next to the table Martha and the instructors were sitting at.  Oddly, but at the same time absolutely perfectly Martha, her table sat completely silent with their eyes closed while the room buzzed with chattering and excitement.  After about 20 minutes, everyone caught on to the fact that the leaders had gone into what Martha calls “oneness” or the inner meditative connection and joined them in silence.  I wished at that moment for my husband to be there with me, because when I talk about energy in our daily lives, he doesn’t always get it.  But, if he would have experienced that room, full of “wayfinders” on the energy highway manifesting the most incredible things, people, and events in their lives, he would have gotten it.  It felt like every physical cell in my body was luminescing and washed by waves of contentment or a “fullness” experienced at the root of my being.  The last time I had felt energy that strong was when I was sitting in Oprah’s Lifeclass with Tony Robbins at Rockefeller Center with thousands of people around me screaming “yes!” But, in that moment of stillness with Martha and 50 or so others around me, the energy in that small room eclipsed even Tony Robbins’ enthusiasm.

marthabeck 1024x680 My Day with Martha Beck

Here are my top takeaways from my day with Martha Beck:

  • Meditate.  You cannot achieve grand manifestation without accessing the quiet part of you that is unconditional love.  This is how to hear what the Universe is trying to say and how to increase your energy vibration for your emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical selves.  (I remember Iyanla Vanzant emphasizing the same thing when I worked with her in Maryland.  Martha meditates for an hour morning and night.)
  • Everything in life is 99.99999% about energy and the rest is empty space (what Eckhart Tolle calls object consciousness).  Get rid of the connotation that emptiness is lacking, the emptiness inside us is full and abundant, it just looks like nothing.
  • (Martha does a lot of work with horses, in case you are unfamiliar.)  A horse’s bliss is to move together in perfect harmony.  When you are riding, repeat the following:  I am with you, you are with me.  I am with you, you are with me.  And, eventually, I am you, you are me, I am you, you are me.  Apply liberally to humans as well.
  • The point of life is to have fun; we are here for the fun of it. The more attuned you are on the energy highway and the more you can find the part of yourself that is love and access it, the more you will witness magic in your life.
  • Have no attachment to what you want, it will come easier.  Most of what happens and what you manifest occurs in deep, dreamless sleep (so sleep a plenty!).
  • Everyone in our life we made an agreement with to meet in this way here.  (Ever since my day with Martha, I’ve been having the most uncanny and slightly disturbing dreams resonating this concept, even with people I am no longer in contact with or knew for a very short time.  It is powerful!)
  • “Visit” yourself in your past and even your future.  Sit with your past or future self at a specific moment in time when you were strugging.  Ask them to allow you to give them love  (I am you, you are me) and talk to them as the person you currently are, who gets to the place you are now.  (Martha does this every day.)  Recognize that you were there with yourself at that time and that you were not alone.  Allow your future self’s help.  Do not resisit their presence.  Tell them you accept the help they give to you and allow your fear to be as it is in this moment.  Let your future self steer, making you into the person who can experience more joy and more peace.  You may feel a compulsion to do something after this exercise.  Open yourself to the force that is patiently guiding you.
  • Every crises and struggle is the breaking of your ego so that you can become the person you are meant to be.  Cave early: it will only get worse.
  • Much is possible.  This is how you manifest what you desire: (1) embrace desire (think of what you want), (2) release attachment (feel the fear if it doesn’t happen, let the fear die, feel the grasping toward your desire, release the grasping, your deesire is already yours, you cannot yearn for what you have, it is part of you and that’s why you want it.)
  • Example of a bird feeder that starts out with no birds and grows to many.  The feeder is your own happy presence, fullness, and peace.  Become your own energetic bird feeder.
  • There’s a system of reactions that happens when you lie.  When fear is experienced without lying, it is an act.  Completely allow everything you’re feeling.  “I accept my anger, anxiety, loneliness…”  “I have no resistance….”
  • The way you make a salad is the way you live your life.  How you do anything is how you do everything.
  • How can you bring more lightness into your day? Reward yourself with lightness and laughter (in context of losing weight).
  • The energy of your spirit has to change before physical circumstances do.

Do you know how I make a salad?   Differently than I did before my day with Martha Beck.


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