2013 Fall Tablescape

DSC0083 1024x680 2013 Fall Tablescape

I’m a little sentimental over this post, because it will be my last tablescape in this apartment.  Next month, we’ll be relocating one floor down to our new condo that we’ve been building out from a shell for the past 5 months.  We’ve put so much thought and effort into making our new home stylistically and functionally perfect (including my own crafting room).  But I continue to have a deep attachment to this place and fall head-over-heels morning and night over the views and the coziness of this initimate space.  Where Judah first learned to walk, where we celebrated his first birthday, and where I’ve created a whole year’s worth of tablescapes and crafts through all of the seasons. The timing of our move in itself has symbolic meaning for me.  What’s more spectacular than Fall?  The shades of jack-o-lantern orange, burnt red, and shimmering browns have a calming effect on the nervous system.  Blazers and brown leather boots.  Warm memories of crisp walks under carriages of turning leaves in Lincoln and Central Park, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, long-burning pumpkin candles, and potpourri with loads of cinnamon sticks.  And, of course, oh so many opportunities for glitter.

Coming from Arizona and never witnessing a fall season until I was living in Chicago at the age of 25, I used to find it appalling and entirely superfluous that annually millions of trees were genetically programmed to expel all of their leaves and then regenerate them in time for spring.  And, yes, it’s an exhausting process–but after witnessing it for the past 9 years, I’ve seen and have grown to appreciate the heavy significance of regrowth, and how green (in the very pure sense of the word), new, and untainted it can be.  I crave this sort of yearly refresh too, to release the past year, however wonderful, in order to become fully open for the next season of growth.

So, without further adieu, here is this Fall’s tablescape, and, as you will see, it’s grown quite a bit from last year’s:

fallts1 1024x680 2013 Fall Tablescape

In our new home, this chandelier is being moved to the master bathroom and heading into craft-retirement, so I wanted to do something spectacular with it for its last hoorah.  This garland I created using these darling pumpkins, mini-pinecones, and cinnamon sticks that I had leftover from a fall potpourri mix from last year (PS-it couldn’t smell more amazing).  I hot-glued them all to some twine and hung with glee.


My centerpiece pumpkins were inspired by this month’s Martha Stewart magazine:  you simply paint them with primer and then apply your color of choice.  I left one pumpkin to its natural hue and painted the four others: gold, pink (with a layer of pink glitter paint), burnt orange (with a layer of glitter paint), and then covered the last in Mod Podge and glitter.  Heeeha!


I was delighted to find a home on this tablescape for the 2 dozen or so stray bottles I’ve been collecting on our kitchen shelf for the past 2 months.  I repurposed what was formerly the dwelling place for tabasco, wine, beer, salad dressing, olive oil, salsa, and sparkling water into a visual delight.  Using the decoupage technique with a glitter finish, I painted each bottle in its entirety with the glitter, which not only gave it a frosted effect, but also saved time so I didn’t have to go back afterwards and wipe off drips.  I used one package of leaves for about a dozen bottles.  Aren’t you  crazy about the layered effect?!  (Note: I only used 1 coat of glitter finish, even though I think 3 are recommended–again, just because I only had a few hours yesterday morning to finish everything off).


And finally, my night views.  I’ve been employed these battery-operated lights in various places around our apartment lately and they truly spike everything they touch with a celebratory feel.  Even though there are no votives on this tablescape, I still put out the flameless candles to illuminate the colored glass and backlight the pumpkins at night.



May your season of shedding be easy and complete–Happy Fall!


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