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This week a fellow blogger introduced me to Life Project by Becky Higgins and, of course, I was smitten.     There’s not a reseller near me though and I didn’t want to delay this post, which features all sorts of the delights from Martha Stewart’s paper crafting line.

Life project is about documenting life beautifully and streamlining the scrapbooking process.  But lately I’ve been thinking about pushing myself a bit further in my crafting and journaling processes, and really challenging myself to dig a little deeper and go beyond setting weekly/monthly/yearly goals, to-do lists, and gratitude journals. I love crafting for its sheer fun, the ability to provide a creative outlet for self-expression, and even as a meditation.  But lately I’ve been inclined to use it for its ability to capture my inner landscape at the present moment, what’s showing up in my life, and as a way to emphasize or remind myself to pay attention to life’s details.

So, this project was inspired by Life Project, but I used my own papers with all of the adornments and punches by Martha Stewart.  Instead of documenting just events that have occurred this past month, I wanted to focus more on what’s been at the forefront for me lately: serendipity.

DSC07741 680x1024 Serendipity Boards


Serendipity or divine coincidences or everyday miracles or the principle of synchronicity has been happening quite a bit.  Actually, serendipity is nothing new, but I’ve not always had the ability to recognize it or if I recognized it, I didn’t appreciate it or if I appreciated it, life went on and the event was quickly forgotten.  I’ve been writing down all of the synchronicities that have been occurring this past month, and I used our August photos and a few of my journal entries for this board._DSC0812

For example, I had been clear that I eventually wanted to start doing videos for the blog and within the past month started mentioning it to my husband and coordinating with friends to help.  Within a few weeks, contacted me to see if I’d be interested in filming some videos for them–saying that I’d just have to provide the content and they’d do all the editing! I’ve gotten clients for each of my businesses at the perfect times, happened to start conversations at random places with just the right people, and gotten requests for projects and events that I’ve been wanting to do. Pretty amazing.  So I used this board to document all of it so I can remember them going forward, but also to remind myself of this principle that’s always at force behind the scenes–when I forget.

On the initial page, I laid down pages from magazines, a piece of sample fabric I brought home from NYC Mood, colorful papers, and some watercolor scribbles I had been working on.  Then I layered on papers cut with the Martha Stewart punches, adornments by her line, envelopes (which are fantastic to hold lists and notes that you can add after the board’s completion), and photos from August.


_DSC0785I’m using the pink envelope in particular to keep a running list of the fortuitous events occurring this month, everything from the ehow video example, to having many loved ones in Paris at the same time we were there, to divine coincidences at work, and more to come.  I then added snippets of my journaling, reflecting on quotes or meditations.  On the notecards with writing, I drew the lines with a black pen using a ruler–I love the effect.

_DSC0787After collecting my serendipitous moments for August, I was ready to move on to the remainder of 2013.  Instead of looking back, I wanted to look forward and create a board that would be a visual motivational tool.  I don’t like the word accountability at home because it reminds me of work, and really this board was intended to inspire.  If I didn’t document my gratitude list or write down serendipitous moments, there were no “consequences,” but at the same time I wanted a fun way to remind me and my family of life’s everyday magic.  Here is the final result:


Again, all of the adornments are by Martha Stewart.  I’ve so been enjoying Kelly Rae Robert’s Random Acts of Kindness series on her blog, so I wanted to continue that for the rest of the year.  I started out with a blank page and embossed some pink and orange dahlias.  Then I created small envelopes by gluing down 3 sides of the cards and placed 2 Martha Stewart food picks in each one.  Each pick represents a random act of kindness for that month–we wrote down September’s because they were already complete.  You can get more ideas for your own random acts on Kelly’s blog here.



The second row I added these utterly adorable miniature dolly Martha Stewart envelopes to track serendipitous events each month.   The third row is pictures that remind me of the month and what happened and, in the last row, I wanted to document 3 more universal things I’m thank-full for for that month.



For September, I’ve been feeling especially thank-full for weekend family walks, more words and full sentences from my son, community & support, and artist dates and weekday solo lunches.

The “serendipity,” “thank-full,” and “kind acts” I rubber stamped and then used a pop-up adhesive to attach the phrase to a punched cut out.


Wishing you many serendipitous moments this week!



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September 16, 2013 - 6:59 pm

Hannah Ackroyd - What a lovely project! I just read about the Life Project on the link you posted and it looks amazing! I want to try scrapbooking but I’m not sure where to start so I might give it a try! Like you though, there isn’t anywhere near me where they are available so I would have to buy online. I have just bought a scrapbook on holiday though so I may start planning that one out, and see how it goes!

September 16, 2013 - 7:05 pm

Jessica - Can’t wait to see what you come up with Hannah! xx

October 1, 2013 - 6:29 pm

Chrystina - Oh my goodness! Look at all those details. This is great :) I’ve been considering doing project life for a while, but that kind of commitment isn’t something that always works with my work schedule – I never know where I’ll be or which supplies I’ll have.

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