Spring Shrimp and Veggie Roll Up

DSC0164 1024x680 Spring Shrimp and Veggie Roll Up

We make these spring rolls a few times a month and they are just as delicious as they are pretty.  One thing I am not is a fabulous chef (why not leave it to the professional?)–but these are simple enough that even with my limited culinary skills and half-baked attempts, they taste amazing–fresh, healthy, and nearly as good as eating them at a restaurant.  I definitely cannot say that about anything else I cook.

DSC0174 680x1024 Spring Shrimp and Veggie Roll UpAt least one meal we have during the week my husband and I prepare ahead of time on the weekends.  My husband loves vegetarian chili, which is a perfect meal to prepare ahead and tastes even better the next day, and lately we’ve been trying different veggie, bean, and falafel burgers/patties.   I also try to prepare food for the next day at night.  By the time we get home from work, both my husband and I are usually too beat, hungry, and tired to cook an elaborate meal.  The spring rolls can also be prepared the day before or, what I do, is prepare the carrots, shrimp, and lettuce beforehand and cook the rice noodles and wrap the day of.


Here’s the recipe for the rolls we made tonight, but truly I use whatever salad and veggies we have on hand with a side of peanut sauce and sriracha for dipping purposes.

  • rice vermicelli
  • rice wrappers
  • cooked shrimp
  • lettuce (whatever ilk I have on-hand)
  • carrots (I use the peeler to get the right thickness)
  • combination of minced ginger, sriracha/chili sauce, minced garlic, bragg liquid aminos, lime juice, and hoisin sauce, which I drizzle over the noodles
  • option for chopped fresh herbs (e.g., Thai basil, mint, cilantro, chives)
  • here’s a version with cucumber and avocado (and a much better wrapping technique!)

We usually alternate between making veggie and shrimp versions, and always have enough to take to work the next day.

Give them a try!


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