Putting Party Planning in the Corner

heirloom2 Putting Party Planning in the Corner

Summer weekends seem endless these days….almost.  We’ve been bike riding, strolling through summer festivals and art fairs, and savoring all of my favorite summer fruits like cherries, watermelon, and these gorgeous heirloom tomatoes we picked up this weekend.blackandwhitesliced Putting Party Planning in the Corner

My husband’s 40th birthday is 3 weeks away and there are so many things to do, I’ve forbidden myself from making lists on the weekends to give us a little breather…Today being Monday, though, I feel as though I’ve written the same lists a dozen times (in my sparkly Hello Kitty party planning binder) with little to no progress made.

To distract ourselves from party planning stress, we’ve been watching back-to-back episodes of Gossip Girl.  Yes, I know our tv taste is about 5 years behind the times, but seriously, how many times can Dan and Serena get back together?!

Maybe 7: we rewatched Alias a few months ago, for the second time.  There’s also been large quantities of chilled rose looming about lately.

Our tv watching goes in cycles:  we binge on copious numbers of hours of a tv series that we’ve become addicted to, before getting disgusted with ourselves at the number of hours we’ve wasted speeding thru episode after episode while zoning out and getting absolutely nothing constructive done.  Eventually, though, we make a steadfast pact to skip to the last episode of the series and be done with our addictive behavior forever.  We’ve nearly reached our breaking point on Gossip Girl…but not just yet.
platedFor this gorgeous heirloom summer salad, I simply used coarse sea salt, fresh basil, and specialty balsamic vinegar to dress it in order to complement these sweet, juicy tomatoes.  The entire salad barely lasted 15 minutes after I shot these photos.  Now, back to a few more episodes before bed…


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