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Suspended Rain and Root Vegetables

Growing up in Arizona for the first 22 years of my life, I continue to love cloudy, rainy days like today. A hazy, white fog has been nestled in the horizon since 6 am (when my toddler wakes up EVERY day). Raindrops hang suspended from the bannister, tables, and flower pots on our patio.  The […]

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Macaroons 2.0

I’ve been working diligently on my macaroons and am so pleased with how they are coming along.  I adore the colors you can get with watercolors by patiently applying multiple layers.  I recently discovered watercolor pencils that are also lots of fun and, of course, I would feel entirely naked in any of my creations […]

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Egg Decorating

I grew up in a Catholic/Jewish household, but was pleased to discover 2 years ago that my Jewish mother-in-law loved to decorate eggs as much as I do.  Here are our eggs from this year.  We have made dying and decorating a yearly tradition that incorporates Martha Steward glitter, buttons, stickers, feathers, washi tape, embossing […]

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This Week

We are back after a week in Mexico, and I have been taking it slow, doing lots of crafting, yoga, and eating loads of chocolate…I worked on these macaroons last night after getting back from an crafternoon with friends making paper flowers.  The macaroons were done with watercolors and embossing powders and stamps. A few […]

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