Introducing New Baby…Wynn Avi (Part I)

Today I’m introducing our new baby Wynn…who will most definitely be making many future appearances here onView full post »

Valentine’s Inspiration with Ribbons

I wouldn’t admit this to just anyone, but one of the central inspirations for this blog was a trip to a ribbonView full post »

5 Ways to Get Your Toddler to do Almost Anything

This is a piece I wrote recently for a parenting outlet on how I get my toddler to listen.  Enjoy! xx 1.  Leverage theView full post »

Upcycling Creativity with Homemade Cards

<<This post was published in Huffington Post here.>> What I didn’t completely grasp before having kids wasView full post »

Lovely Things This Week (7.4.14)

“And we must have a pie. Stress cannot exit in the presence of a pie.” David Mamet Happy 4th!  Hope you areView full post »

Lovely Things This Week (6.8.14)

Hope you had a wonderful week and are ready for a new one!  I haven’t done a lovely things post in a while, andView full post »

Opposites Attract: Marble & Wood

How darling and perfect is the unlikely combination of marble and wood?? I am brainstorming where we can use the pair asView full post »

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day this year!! And because so many of my friends have chosen to have dogs/catsView full post »

Baby Break

The surprise event this week occurred upon opening Judah’s bedroom door one morning and witnessing the little monkeyView full post »

Boy’s Airplane Room and My Nietzsche Design Philosophy

Despite moving into our new condo in late October, I have yet to do any posts on our new home, which we designed andView full post »

Wynn, Las Vegas

Happy Sunday! I mentioned a few weeks ago our upcoming work trip to Las Vegas for ICSC Recon.  Remember my trip lastView full post »

kimberly wilson retreat 2014

Last weekend, I spent 2 nights and 3 days indulging in a Kimberly Wilson’s retreat for art and yoga in theView full post »

Sunday Review

Sunday Review (Nov. 3)

Even though I compile a video each year to memorialize yearly highlights, including places we travelled, favorite peopleView full post »

Featured on Onto Baby!

I’m so excited for Judah’s birthday post to be featured on Onto Baby today–one of my favorite sitesView full post »

Black. White. And More White.

I adore black and white photos and decorating with them.  One of my favorites is one of our wedding pictures in Paris (View full post »

Me Hungry

I pieced together for this little video (only 30 seconds) from a day when Judah and I were home together last week,View full post »

Foodie Friends

I love food as much as the next girl, maybe more, and I admit I think about food probably just as much as I think aboutView full post »

Where do you think you’re going, baby?

This post is intended as a weekly recap post otherwise known as a “I’m too discombobulated to come up with aView full post »

Writing Your Blog Bio

Writing Your Blog Bio

Welcome back to the world my lovely blog readers!  I’m hoping you enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday and theView full post »

Halloween Costume: Ordered!

I’m all for easy, creative Halloween costumes that you can make from old crap that you’ve avoided throwingView full post »

Vegas Inspiration: Fake Flowers and Fruits

Who knew fake flowers and fruits could be so dazzling?  These were taken at the buffet at the Wynn in Las Vegas thisView full post »

Back Stage at Martha Stewart’s American Made

After a weekend in Chicago and a quick jaunt to LA (post pending), it was time for American Made in NYC last week.  TheView full post »

This Week

We are back after a week in Mexico, and I have been taking it slow, doing lots of crafting, yoga, and eating loads ofView full post »

Halloween 2013: Tonto Angry

I’m home today (Friday) working from my new home office.  We moved over the weekend into a condo we’ve beenView full post »

Crafty Bastards 2013

The bastards that created these cards are crafty, but Crafty Bastards is also the name of one of the largest and mostView full post »

You delectable dame! You exquisite morsel.

I’ve been putting together lists of words for my upcoming Seductive Foot Massage DVD and have had a steamy timeView full post »

Emerald Clutch for Spring

I just recently got this gorgeous little clutch in Chicago, and love how fresh it is for spring.  I’ve been usingView full post »

Playgrounds of Paris

We’ve been back about a week from our two week Paris get-a-away and, despite being back to everyday life, I’View full post »

Our Date at Charm City Cakes

Successful businesses aren’t about a phenomenal product: they’re about the experience, and Charm City CakesView full post »

Daddy Day

I captured this series of shots Sunday morning this past weekend.  Judah loves to administer kisses (when he’s inView full post »

pumpkins and pine cones and warm woolen lattes

Growing up in a climate where everyday, all year round, the weather was the same (I never watched the weather channel aView full post »

Putting Party Planning in the Corner

Summer weekends seem endless these days….almost.  We’ve been bike riding, strolling through summerView full post »

Teddy B.

For me, Ted Baker is to the 30s what J. crew was to the 20s. Meticulously-crafted, well-conceived, and fun to wearView full post »

Ritual Weekend Indulgences

I remember reading in Laura Vanderkam’s 168 Hours that if you have a hard time starting your day, look at theView full post »

5 Reasons I Love Friday

1.  Even when your enthusiasm for the weekend fizzles with 2 Margaritas and 6 headfreezes, putting you out cold by 8 pmView full post »

Why FVB?

People ask me all the time why I named this blog Fat Vegan Baby.  The truth is, there is no particular reason. TheView full post »

Of Firetrucks and Fakers

Our son Judah is all boy.  His favorite book describes types of tractors and the different sounds they make.  That&#View full post »

Non-Pregnant People Have Pregnancy Cravings Too

I overheard various people ask my husband when I was pregnant what my pregnancy cravings were.  It was sort of anView full post »

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